Who are your favourite streamers & why?

Weirdly enough, my favourite streamer is probably a guy who plays a game type I’m utterly terrible at and very rarely play: https://www.twitch.tv/smugdabeasttv

SMUG is a fighting game guy who mostly streams Street Fighter 5. The dude is just endlessly hilarious, and while he is amazing at fighting games, he still loses and is more than ready to feature losses as well as wins. There’s just something innately fun about the guy, which makes it more interesting that just straight up play.

In my youth I played a metric ton of Street Fighter 2 in the arcades, and I think this takes me back a bit. Back then, things like frame traps, footsies, counting frames and the like weren’t really a thing and they’re not something I’ve picked up on since, but it’s a lot of fun to watch high level play and kind of learn about these things even though I know it’s over my head to actually try and execute.


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