In your opinion, what are the secrets to creating compelling & engaging social media content? Or in other words, what do you love when you see a brand account on social media?

I personally love to see brands that are more than willing to poke a little fun at themselves, avoid using corporate speak, and offer meaningful content to people rather than everything being an extension of some ad campaign.

I think a great example is @nonamebrands on Twitter. A very simple formula for a somewhat atypical brand that posts fun and useful content. They don’t take themselves seriously, and when they advertise products they do so in an honest yet amusing way.

To add a little more detail, I think the two key things are to make the posts visual in order to grab the attention of people, and to make sure you engage in follow up. Just firing off a tweet and then abandoning it will kill the engagement. Keep the conversation going, create a dialog with followers. Show that there’s a person behind the account that has a personality. Use fun images, gifs and videos. I’d rather see somebody take a chance with a piece of humour even if it isn’t hilarious than something bland or that’s been retweeted to all tarnation already. Make it your own. Make me have a sensible chuckle.


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